Dating Cartoons

Online Dating Cartoon – Homely

I'm writing a letter describing you to my mother... how do you spell homely?

[social_warfare]    Link to this Page:   Humor vs. Reality – Homely Online Dating The dictionary describes “homely” as “Unattractive in appearance”.  One of the biggest fears of online daters is that the person they are meeting will look nothing like their photo. This has become a concern because it is sometimes a problem in…

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Online Dating Cartoon – Photo Looks Better Online

[pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”]  Link:   Humor vs. Reality – Online Dating Photos When going on a first date, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Part of that impression will be on how you look compared to your online dating photo. For example, if you posted a photo from five…

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Romantic Love Poem Dating Cartoon

Roses are red, violets are blue, you wanna get a burger or something? How romantic. It must've taken you hours to write this.

  [pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”] Link:   Humor vs. Reality – Making  a Personalized Effort What makes the cartoon so funny above is that the poem is terrible and because of that, we laugh. Interestingly enough, though, many people will appreciate the effort and it will endear them more to you (unless they think you are…

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I Love You Fax

I did say I love you. Didn't you get that fax I had my assistant send you?

[pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”]   Link:   Humor vs. Reality – Technology Assist Millions of people use online dating services to help find a potential soul-mate. And for some they believe that because they searched for love online, they can deliver important messages the same way. It’s important to realize that technology is not appropriate to…

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Communication and Relationships Cartoon

  [pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”] Link:   Humor vs. Reality – Communication and Relationships What makes the above cartoon funny is that men and women are so vastly different when it comes to communication. For example, a man’s idea of communication may be to ask for the remote control for the TV. A woman’s idea of communication…

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Get Lost, You Loser is a strange email address. Are you sure you wrote it down right?

[pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”]   Link:   Humor vs. Reality – Email Addresses While the makes for a funny cartoon, it is also a great reminder that when it comes to online dating you should never use your real email address to communicate with people. Sign up for a free email service (i.e. gmail or…

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Nice Guy Dating Cartoon – Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

[pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”] Link: Humor Versus Reality – Do Nice Guys Finish Last? There is an old saying that “Nice Guys Finish Last”. Is there any truth to that? Interestingly enough there have been studies about this – some tackling the adage from a “employment” standpoint and others from a “dating” standpoint. The results? According to a…

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