Romantic Love Poem Dating Cartoon

 Roses are red, violets are blue, you wanna get a burger or something? How romantic. It must've taken you hours to write this.
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Humor vs. Reality – Making  a Personalized Effort
What makes the cartoon so funny above is that the poem is terrible and because of that, we laugh. Interestingly enough, though, many people will appreciate the effort and it will endear them more to you (unless they think you are a creep or a stalker). When a person takes time to put thought and effort into a gesture, that gesture means a lot more to the person on the receiving end. For example, in last week’s cartoon we showed you a couple of videos of elaborate marriage proposals. In both cases, the receiver of the proposal was extremely touched, well beyond a normal proposal, because of the effort that went into creating the proposal. Being personal has very endearing values.  Here are some examples of ways you can be personal to the person you love:

1) Write a personalized poem (try to make it rhyme unlike the example in this week’s cartoon.
2) Take digital images you have of the two of you and have them printed. Then put them into a photo album (with a creative/endearing title) or make a scrapbook with them.
3) Make a home-made personalized greeting card instead of buying one at the store.
4) Make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Go there in advance with a “love note” you wrote for your significant other. Ask them to give her the note when you arrive for your reservation (they can type a note to themselves in the reservation time slot). Be sure to tip them. Then, when you arrive and state your name/registration, the host/hostess will say there is a message for ________ and hand it to him/her.

What ideas do you have? Share them in our Comments section below.

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  1. bizarrio on May 31, 2013 at 10:20 am

    The poem on this cartoon is terrible! lol. For me, I think it is better to give no poem than a terrible poem. I give priority to quality.

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