Online Dating Lawsuit Cartoon

I'm suing the dating service who fixed us up. An appearance by you would certainly help my case.

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Humor Versus Reality – Online Dating Service Lawsuits
Major online dating services have been sued several times, including many “class action” lawsuits. The lawsuits range from billing practices and sexual orientation equality to different gender pricing and failure to properly screen members. Many of the online dating lawsuits are settled either by complying with the complaint or reaching an out of court agreement.

Here are two major examples of sites complying:

1) eHarmony was sued for not allowing gays and lesbians on, so the company opened a new eHarmony service for gays and lesbians.

2) was sued for not screening for sexual predators and a week after the lawsuit was filed, announced it would begin doing background screenings on members.

There have also been lawsuits in areas like:

– Fake profiles.

– Charging credit cards after cancelling account.

– Charging different prices for women versus men.

Online Dating Magazine has several articles related online dating lawsuits. Use the Search feature in the sidebar and search “dating lawsuits”.[/dropshadowbox]

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