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I'm writing a letter describing you to my mother... how do you spell homely?[social_warfare]


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Humor vs. Reality – Homely Online Dating
The dictionary describes “homely” as “Unattractive in appearance”.  One of the biggest fears of online daters is that the person they are meeting will look nothing like their photo. This has become a concern because it is sometimes a problem in the online dating industry. Many people feel it’s OK to post a photo from several years ago or one that has undergone several enhancements in Photoshop. People usually do this when they have a lack of self esteem when it comes to their looks.

To erase the “homely” factor from your life, there’s several things you can do:

1) Build your confidence. Both men and women find a person with self-confidence a lot more attractive than one without. That’s worth reading again, because it demonstrates that not all “attractive factors” are based on physical appearance. A guy who looks like a model can go out on a date and be rude, condescending, self-serving, and to the person he’s on a date with, he’s the ugliest person in the world. Likewise a guy not blessed with having Zeus as a father can go on a date and show confidence and his “attractiveness level” can go through the roof. This is what makes shows like Beauty and the Geek so popular. Research shows that confidence makes you more attractive, so work on your self-esteem and confidence first.

2) Do something about the things you don’t like. Do you feel that you are overweight and you want  to be thinner? Well instead of dwelling on it, do something about it. Get Wii Fit or plan a routine that will help you meet your goals. Decide now… right now… that you will change the things you don’t like about yourself then do so with confidence.

3) Volunteer. Volunteering really helps you learn a lot about the world and what matters the most. When you volunteer for a good cause (i.e. feeding the homeless, helping out at an animal shelter, building homes for the needy), you gain perspective that helps you become a more desirable person.  Not only that, but you also get to meet and interact with a lot of people, helping to better develop your social and interactive skills.


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  1. bizarrio on May 31, 2013 at 10:16 am

    The article after the cartoon is brilliant!

    Confidence is very important. A person who is not very confident is likely to screw up on a date.

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