Communication and Relationships Cartoon

If we want this relationship to work, we'll have to start communicating. I'll go first. Get your feet off the table.

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Humor vs. Reality – Communication and Relationships
What makes the above cartoon funny is that men and women are so vastly different when it comes to communication. For example, a man’s idea of communication may be to ask for the remote control for the TV. A woman’s idea of communication may be to tell a two minute story in 18 minutes and 32 seconds. Research shows that women are a lot more personal when it comes to communication. They like to share ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.  They also show more emotion in their communication like happiness, sadness, joy, and anger. When men communicate, they tend to like to get to the point. They can tell an 18 minute and 32 second story in two minutes simply by leaving out what they consider “non-essential facts”. It’s these differences that make books like Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus so popular.  Because women are more communication-oriented than men, they are usually the first to suggest counseling when something isn’t right. After all, counseling is all about communication! It’s important to understand where the other is coming from. Men, women become more endeared to you when you take the time to listen to their thoughts and when you ask questions based on what they said. They also love it when you sincerely ask how their day was and listen to the response. Women, men love it when you give them some space every once in awhile. They love it when you are supportive of them, believe in them, and laugh at their jokes. It is your responses to what they say and do that are most important.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to communication and relationships one of the biggest factors may be your body language. When you cross your arms, you are shutting your partner out. Crossing arms is an expression of boredom or not being open to what is being said. One of the ways you can improve your communication with others is by being conscious of your body language. If you find yourself crossing your arms, then consciously (and physically) uncross them so you can better focus on what is being said to you. Focus on the other person talking and stop thinking about what you want to say next. And smile. It’s contagious.

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