Online Dating Profile Headers that Attract Attention

Profile subject headers are something everyone will see. Therefore it's important to have something catchy.

Profile subject headers are something everyone will see. Therefore it’s important to have something catchy.

Most online dating services, like, and require that you provide a short header message (opening line) that shows up under your username when people do searches. Some people don’t know what to put here and end up with generic headers like, “I may be the one for you” or “hello.”

It’s vital that you use this space to create a profile header message that commands attention – something clever, funny, or philosophical that will make a person want to click on your profile and read it.

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There are several elements that go into creating a profile that people will want to click to read. One is your photo, another is your username, and then there’s your header. Here are four specific tips for creating a strong profile header:

1) Avoid Boring and Overused Headers
When a person can’t think of what to say for their header message, they usually resort to common and overused headers like “I may be the one” or “looking to meet new people.”

You don’t want to appear common. There are tens of thousands of people competing with you in a quest to find that “perfect” partner. Therefore make sure that the header you use will attract the attention of others. Which one of these four profile headers would attract your attention?

– “Hello”
– “You May be the One I’m Looking for”
– “Looking to Meet New People”
– “Willing to Lie About How We Met!”

Three of those are overused. One takes a humorous approach to the concept of telling others how you met. It’s unique and clever. Make sure your header is uncommon in a sea of commonalities.

2) Analyze Other Profile Headers

One of the best ways to create a winning profile header is to analyze headers others use that interest you. What is it about the header that makes you want to click on their profile and learn more? Here are a few of our favorites (some funny, some philosophical, and some simply clever):

– “We make a perfect couple: I’ve got the brains and you’ve got the body!”
– “OK, I’m here. Now what’s your other two wishes?”
– “Bright spark looking to ignite shared paths”
– “Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits.”
– “Strangers are friends waiting to be made.”

Use the insight you gain from reading interesting profile headers to create your own.

[clickToTweet tweet=”We make a perfect couple: I’ve got the brains and you’ve got the body!” quote=”We make a perfect couple: I’ve got the brains and you’ve got the body!”]

3) Use Your Header as a Filter
One of the biggest complaints we hear from online daters is the number of people who contact them that are not what they are looking for. It may be a man 15 years older or someone who’s body type doesn’t match what you want. If you want to improve the interest shown to you from qualified respondents, then start by using your header to filter out the undesirables. For example:

– “Looking for fit 24-30 year old male within 20 miles of Los Angeles.”

By creating a filter, when a person who doesn’t match your criteria reads your header they are likely to continue on. Yet when a “fit 24-30 year old local male” reads the header, it attracts him because he meets your criteria. Here are some real filter type subject headers we’ve seen people use:

– “Must be at least 5’10” to get on this ride.”
– “Please be local, fit, over 40, and have a posted picture.”
– “Romantic men seem to be extinct. If you’re extinct, contact me now.”
– “I love a man in uniform. Military men, apply within.”

Improve your matches by using your subject header to filter your results!

4) Change Your Header Message

It’s always a good idea to keep your profile fresh by rotating your pictures and changing your header message once in a while. Every week create a new and clever, creative, or filtered subject header. Different subject headers attract different people, therefore you may reach “new” people by keeping your header fresh and updated.

Online Dating Magazine is often adding clever, funny, unique, and even strange profiles to its Top 10 List. Check these often for new ideas and use your header to attract new people.

(Editor’s Note: Since the printing of this article, has shut its doors, so we’ve removed the link. This article was originally published in 2006 and last updated in 2017)








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