Women: Five Men You Should Avoid Dating

When it comes to dating there are certain men or women that it might be best to avoid for very good reasons.

Below, you’ll find a list of five different men that women should avoid dating. Included in the list is a description of the type of man, why you should stay away, and advice on how to get rid of him.

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William Shakespeare once said, “in jest there is truth.” Therefore, while this article is written with some tongue in cheek, you may find it lathered in honesty.

Five Men Women Should Avoid Dating:

1) The Mamma’s Boy
Description: This guy probably lives with his mother. If not, she probably lives close enough to pop in for tea or coffee every night. You’ll find pictures of her all over his apartment. That’s because she helped him decorate it. He doesn’t have to worry about meals because his mom always has his refrigerator stacked with homemade meals.

Why you should stay away: You will never live up to his mother’s sterling reputation. He may love and cherish you forever, but in a disagreement between you and his mom, he will always side with his mom. Always!

How to get rid of him: Tell him you don’t like his mother.

2) The Body Builder
Description: This guy will have photos of himself on every available wall space. He will also have his own home gym, even though he has a lifetime membership at the swanky one in town. He has all the latest gadgets and home entertainment systems.

Why you should stay away: You will never see him as he is always working out. He will also spend more time in the bathroom than you. His trophy collection will be greater than your makeup collection. Plus, he will always have a new trophy hanging off his arm.

How to get rid of him: Tell him to give up the gym for you.

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3) The Womanizer
Description: This guy will treat you like a princess and is the perfect lover. He dresses well and is out to impress. And impress he will (every woman he comes in contact with). He will, of course, have trouble remembering your name, with all the women he has on the go.

Why you should stay away: His excuses for not showing up are getting more pathetic. You will have to compete with his phone as he has so many calls to return and text messages to answer.

How to get rid of him: Tell him, “I use to be a man.”

4) The Workaholic
Description: This man is going places, but will he be taking you with him? He is smartly dressed, has great taste in decor, and eats at the finest restaurants. However, his work will always come first.

Why you should stay away: You have to make an appointment to see him. He will take you to elegant dinner parties then leave you with strangers while he talks shop.

How to get rid of him: Tell him, “I’m taking a year off to travel. Do you want to join me?”

5) The Smartphone Addict
Description: This man sees his phone as an extension of his body. He’s never more than six inches away from his phone. In the early stages, you may feel special because he’s always texting you and sending you stuff from his phone. He’ll have the latest smartphone technology and data plan. He’ll enjoy showing off how well he can be engaged in his smartphone while walking, riding a roller coaster, driving, and eating dinner.

Why you should stay away: He will always have a stronger relationship with his smartphone than with you. On your wedding day, he’ll live tweet the whole event while checking sports scores.

How to get rid of him: Send him a text message that you no longer want to come between him and his phone.

Beware of Mama's Boy, the Body Builder, the Workaholic, the Womanizer, and the Smartphone Addict.

Beware of Mama’s Boy, the Body Builder, the Workaholic, the Womanizer, and the Smartphone Addict.

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Exceptions to Men to Avoid Dating
Of course, there are exceptions to the above list. For example, if “the body builder” knows how to give you the same type of attention and respect he gives his body then this could potentially be a good thing (as long as you can handle other women trying flirting with him). And if you are a workaholic that has no plans of changing then being in a relationship with another workaholic will allow the two of you to focus more on your careers while hopefully having some focus left for each other. If “mamma’s boy” mom loves you and you can get the same focus from the man as his mom gives then just maybe… Ok, it’s a stretch.

Remember, it’s doubtful any of these men will change so it’s best not to try and change them.

A good approach to take in wanting out of one of these relationships is to be honest. This may gain more respect. Tell “mamma’s boy” that he’s too focused on his mom. Tell the womanizer that you only have room in your life for a man that only has room for you. It’s doubtful that they’ll change, but at least they’ll know the real reason you don’t want to pursue a relationship.

Check out our 5 Men to Avoid Dating video below.

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Do you know other men that should be on this list? If so, leave your comment below outlining what type of man it is, why you should stay away, and how to get rid of him. And men, what type of women should you avoid dating?

(Editor’s note: this article was originally published in 2003 and updated in 2017)




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