Discounted Ad Space for June

Note: This offer has expired.

Here is the ad availability for June 2013. We are offering a discount on the 468×60 space if booked by June 4, 2013.


468×60 ad on all 2,000+ pages of Online Dating Magazine.
Your logo/video/ad on the third slide of the home page slider.


Ad must be non-animated.
For the home page slider (third slide) you can include a YouTube video if desired.


The cost for this ad space is normally $400 a month, but you save 25%, if booked by June 4, 2013 (cost is only $300 for the month). These types of sales only happen once a year.

The ad appears to the right of the header, where the eHarmony ad is currently at. Email to book the space or click here for more details.

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