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How Did He Get the STD?


Recently, my current boyfriend went to the doctor and had a test done for stds/hiv... stuff like that I guess. He's embarassed to tell me and I can't get it out of him. :( He says that I had to have given it to him but I don't have anything... any clues to what he has maybe? I would really like to know... I am worried that he got it from someone else because I'm positive that I have nothing. Thank you.
~ Need to Know

Dear Need to Know,

Your boyfriend is being unfair by not talking about what he has. You should immediately cease having any sexual relations with him whatsoever until he opens up so you know what you're dealing with. If he's too afraid to "talk" then simply ask him to show you the test results.

There's no telling how he got it. If you had been tested before your relationship and didn't have an STD and was 100% faithful only to him then chances are pretty good you had nothing to do with it.

Also, it's important that you go and get tested for STDs immediately. If he had an STD and you had relations with him, there's a chance you have it too. It's important to find out, therefore schedule a time with a clinic to get checked out.

Some STDs show obvious symptoms and some show virtually no symptoms at all. Getting regular checkups, practicing safe sex, and being monogamous (plus picky of the type of person you date) will all go a long way to helping you avoid future STDs. And getting tested now can help you get treated if you do have one.


If you have a question for the STD Advice column, simply put your question in the anonymous form below and click Submit. Once you click Submit, your question will be anonymously emailed to us. While we can't answer or publish all questions, we do try to questions within a one week period of submission. Check back to see if yours is answered.

Only a physician can properly diagnose whether or not you have an STD. Thus it is important that you get an STD test done if you have a concern. None of the advice given in this column is a substitute for physician advice.

If you think you may have a sexually transmitted disease, you should see a physician immediately to be properly diagnosed and treated. You should not try to diagnose or treat symptoms on your own.

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