(Mis) Adventures in Online Dating


The following short film is titled, "Adventures of Online Dating". Written and directed by Maureen Dunbar, the film follows the adventures of a video blogger, Abby, as she deals with the breakup of her relationship by trying … [Read more...]

Short Internet Dating Film – The First Date


Having met on an online dating service, a guy and a girl chat about their first date and what their expectations are. They even visualize how it will be. It's an online date - what can go wrong? This short film, called "The … [Read more...]

Short Film – The Date


It's an exciting time for the guy in this short film. He has a big date and to impress her, he is going to spend all afternoon cooking. No doubt, by the time he is done with this romantic and elaborate meal, his date will … [Read more...]

Dating Short Film – Love Sick


Have you ever had that feeling that "this is the one"? You spot someone and you just know it is meant to be? That's how it is with the guy in this short film. Titled "Love Sick", this award-winning short film tracks the … [Read more...]

Short Film – Love Language


This is a great video on a woman and man who get to know each other by sitting on a park bench and writing sticky notes back and forth to each other. The short film is titled "Love Language" and has done so well that many … [Read more...]

Dating Background Check – Amazon Women on the Moon


This is a funny short film about a man who is about to go on a date with a woman. They are practically headed out the door when she asks him for information to do a background check on him. He goes along with it - after all, … [Read more...]

eTherapy – eHarmony First Date

Where do you like to go on a first date? To a coffee place? Restaurant? Miniature golf? How about a relationship therapist? In this funny video, a couple who met on eHarmony decide that a great first date idea would be to see … [Read more...]

A S L – A Tale of Online Dating

The following silent short film is titled "A / S / L - A Tale of Online Dating". The short was created by Anthony Spadaccini who specializes in visual storytelling via an experimental style. It's not for everyone, but some … [Read more...]

Internet Dating Movie

Internet Dating Movie

This is one of our favorite internet dating short films of all time. It's very well put together and scripted. Simply called "Internet Dating" the movie tells the story of a woman who isn't having any luck with the guys she … [Read more...]