Online Dating Safety and Romance Scams

Romance Scams

Question: What is one of the most successful scams in the world? Answer: Romance scams, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, in profits, to those pulling off the scam. A romance scam depends on online … [Read more...]

February is Online Dating Safety Awareness Month

online dating safety

(February 1, 2012) February is one of the biggest months for people using online dating services. It's also Online Dating Safety Awareness Month, a program launched last year by Online Dating Magazine to help educate singles … [Read more...]

eHarmony Safety Warning on Overseas Scams


They start out as what looks to be a great match. A successful business man or business woman that travels a lot and they really think that the two of you are connecting. The picture looks good, the profile looks good, and … [Read more...]

Online Dating Background Checks – The Young Turks

This video by The Young Turks is a frank discussion about online dating background checks and whether they are a good idea or not. The discussion is quite opposing each co-host takes a differing opinion about online dating … [Read more...] to Start Sex Offender Screening in 2 Months

Online Dating Service has been in the news quite a bit since a lawsuit was filed by the company by a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by someone she met on  At first the woman was only known … [Read more...]

Woman Loses $400,000 to Online Dating Scam


A lot of people don't think they can be taken in by an online dating scam,  but as this video points out, scammers are becoming more sophisticated - especially at getting you to fall in love with them before executing the … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety News Clip

The following video is a collegiate news broadcast that was put together by students at the School of Media and Design at Conestoga College. As part of their work they do regular news broadcasts and, in this case, the focus … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety Tips – Online Dating Tonight


Here is the third episode of Online Dating Tonight. You can see that we've made some cosmetic changes to the show. First off, there are no more letterboxing (black bars on the top and bottom of the video). This makes it … [Read more...]

Zoosk Employee Shares Online Dating Safety Tips

Usually online dating safety tips are shared by an "expert" or "dating coach". Today, however, we have a different perspective for you. Here are some online dating safety tips shared by Jonell, an employee  of the online … [Read more...]

Internet Dating Dangers

(December 22, 2010) This news report talks about some of the dangers of Internet dating, particularly not knowing the history of the person you are going on a date with. The problem is that, in addition to decent people, … [Read more...]