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Exposed Ashley Madison Users Face Security Concerns

Ashley Madison Hack

August 21, 2015 – Users of the cheating Website Ashley Madison faced a hard reality this week when hackers released private information on over 30 million users. The data released contains names, email addresses, login info, posting info, and home addresses. While embarrassing for millions of people, the problem is being exasperated by threats people…

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Online Dating Scams Pulled by US Citizens Too

When you hear about romance and online dating scams, the first thing that usually comes to mind is “Nigeria” as that is where most online dating scams originate. But a growing number of these scams are now being hatched by Americans too. In the scam, they romance you from a distance then ask for money…

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February 2013 is Online Dating Safety Awareness Month (Catfishing)

  (January 31, 2013) February 2013 represents the third annual Online Dating Safety Awareness month, which educates singles and online daters about safety online. During the month, Online Dating Magazine encourages online dating Websites to put an additional focus on online dating safety articles and information. Online Dating Safety Awareness Month was launched in 2011…

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Match.com Lawsuit Sites "False Sense of Security"

[break][/break](January 27, 2013) Online dating service Match.com is being sued for $10 million by a woman who was attacked by a guy she met through Match.com two years ago. The lawsuit was filed by Mary Kay Beckman who says that Match.com doesn’t do enough to warn people about the dangers of online dating. Beckman’s attorney, Marc Saggese,…

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60 Minutes Australia – Catching an Online Dating Scammer

Every month, Australians lose $10 million to online dating scammers who live in other countries and create fake profiles to woo them (see our special Romance Scam section). 60 Minutes Australia sought to capture one such scammer who moved from Nigeria to Malaysia to build a scam business. The following video gives an inside glimpse…

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Online Dating Magazine Warns About Online Romance Scams

(Press Release – February 13, 2012) As part of Online Dating Safety Awareness Month, Online Dating Magazine is issuing a warning about online romance scams, the most successful type of scam on the Internet. An online dating romance scam is when someone fraudulently obtains money from victims that use online dating services.  Scammers put up a…

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419 – Internet Romance Scams

The following video is an internet romance scam special report that gets pretty in depth into how Nigerian scammers steal millions of dollars and pounds from unsuspecting people. The video was created in the UK and is one of the better videos out there showing how the scam actually occurs and where it occurs at.…

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Dragnet Tackles Online Dating Romance Scams

The video below was produced by the US Embassy in London to help get the word out about online dating romance scams. The reason funds are being spent on entertaining and educational videos like this is because romance scams are the #1 most successful online scams. That’s also why sites like Online Dating Magazine are…

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New Zealand Online Dating Romance Scams

Romance scams are found in every country, although the two biggest for victims seem to be Australia and the United States. This video highlights a romance scam victim from New Zealand who signed up for a New Zealand online dating service and ended up falling victim to a romance scam. After the video, we’ve posted…

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