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Match.com Lawsuit Sites "False Sense of Security"

[break][/break](January 27, 2013) Online dating service Match.com is being sued for $10 million by a woman who was attacked by a guy she met through Match.com two years ago. The lawsuit was filed by Mary Kay Beckman who says that Match.com doesn’t do enough to warn people about the dangers of online dating. Beckman’s attorney, Marc Saggese,…

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Girl on the Platform – Match.com Commercial Spoof

One of Match.com’s most successful commercials was called “Girl on the Platform”. Before we show you the spoof commercial, here is the actual commercial: Original Girl on the Platform Match.com Commercial [pbp_pinit mediaurl=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nkk7SYkUbLQ” mediatype=”youtube” count=”horizontal”] [pbp_pintfollow username=”onlinedating” button=”follow”] The commercial spawned several spoofs. In one, police arrest the man for “harassing girls again” and in another…

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Match.com Unveils New Logo and Slogan

[button link=”http://www.onlinedatingmagazine.com” type=”icon” icon=”rss” newwindow=”yes”] News Source: Online Dating Magazine – April 1, 2012[/button] [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e96a2a;”] O [/dropcap]nline dating service Match.com today unveiled a new logo and slogan as the company prepares to unleash a new ad campaign aimed at lighting a fire under the feet of baby boomers. The new slogan was…

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Online Dating Enters Peak Season

(January 1, 2012) Online dating is in the midst of its peak season, which generally occurs from the day after Christmas to the day after Valentine’s Day. During that time period, online dating sites can see increases in traffic and usage of up to 20%. Online Dating Magazine says the following factors contribute to the…

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Match.com Online Dating Spoof

As you can see in the video below,  this is a very happy couple that met on online dating service Match.com. The woman knows that it is destiny (and fate) that brought them together. The guy isn’t sure how it all happened. And the more they talk about how they met on Match.com, the more…

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