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How to get a Second Date

Many people are so nervous on a first date that they don’t even give thought to when the second date should take place. This article provides tips for men and women on how to get a second date…

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Survey Shows What to Wear on Summer Date

(July 8, 2011) Match.com has completed a major survey of its users that discover what people do and don’t like when it comes to what their date wears for a summer date. The results? Hawaiian shirts on men – out. Polo shirts and khakis on men – in. Women prefer their date to wear a…

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First Date Dating Tips for Men

first date tips for men

The below video is very well done, however the title may be slightly misleading. The official title of the video is “Manners & Grooming for Shy Guys”. In actuality the video should have been titled, “First Date Tips for Men”. First, the video creators seem to look over a lot of the problems shy people…

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