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Dating Background Check – Amazon Women on the Moon

This is a funny short film about a man who is about to go on a date with a woman. They are practically headed out the door when she asks him for information to do a background check on him. He goes along with it – after all, he’s sure a background check will turn…

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How to do a Background Check in California

If you are dating someone that lives in California and you want to know how to conduct a background check in California then this video will help pave the way for you. It outlines the process you need to go through along with explaining the difference between a criminal background check and civil background check.…

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Online Dating Background Checks – The Young Turks

This video by The Young Turks is a frank discussion about online dating background checks and whether they are a good idea or not. The discussion is quite opposing each co-host takes a differing opinion about online dating background checks. We’ve included some of their comments below the video. The Young Turks is hosted by…

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Match.com to Start Sex Offender Screening in 2 Months

Online Dating Service Match.com has been in the news quite a bit since a lawsuit was filed by the company by a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by someone she met on Match.com.  At first the woman was only known as “Jane Doe” but she later came forward and identified herself as Carole…

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Online Dating Fraud and Background Checks

The video below is of a news story done by KJRH Channel 2 News out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a story about online dating fraud and how one of their local citizens got scammed for thousands of dollars. The perpetrators are able to succeed by establishing communications with online daters then moving it to…

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