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Match.com to Start Sex Offender Screening in 2 Months

Online Dating Service Match.com has been in the news quite a bit since a lawsuit was filed by the company by a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by someone she met on Match.com.  At first the woman was only known as “Jane Doe” but she later came forward and identified herself as Carole Markin who, ironically, is the author of two dating books from the late 1990’s (Bad Dates and More Bad Dates).

Markin filed a lawsuit against Match.com to force the company to do sex offender screening. Match.com first said that was not possible, but a few days later changed its story and said it would start screening against a national database of sex offenders in about two months. Here’s the story:

Match.com Sex Offender Screening

Will Match.com's Screening for Sex Offenders Work?

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