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eHarmony Cat Lady Video Craze

Several months ago a woman posted a video to YouTube that was professed to be an eHarmony video profile. In it she begins talking about herself and her likes, but when she gets to the subject of cats she begins to break down. The break down was so realistic and outrageous that the video went viral and millions of people viewed it, believing it was created for an eHarmony profile. But here’s the catch. eHarmony doesn’t have video profiles and those who knew that knew that the video was a spoof. Never-the-less, even today the video continues to get a ton of views and a ton of videos spoofing the eHarmony Cat Lady video. So we’ve decided to post the original eHarmony cat video below followed by some of the best spoofs of it today. Enjoy!

Original eHarmony Cat Lady Video Profile

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Spoof #1: Guy Interacts with Cat Lady

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eHarmony Cat Lady Music Video

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Songify This – CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT (now on iTunes) — a song about loving cats

Watch this video on YouTube
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eHarmony Bacon Man

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eHarmony’s Official Response

[pbp_pinit mediaurl=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLZazN8QbYE” mediatype=”youtube” count=”horizontal”]

eHarmony Bio – Official Response – Online Dating

Watch this video on YouTube
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