Kids React to eHarmony Cat Lady Video

On June 3, 2011 a cat invasion began. No, it wasn’t millions of cats running free through the streets of New York (that priviledge belongs to rats), but rather a video posted by “Debbie”, supposedly a profile video for dating service eHarmony. In no time at all, the video picked up traction and nine months later, it has more than 20 million views and dozens of video spoofs.

One of the more recent crazes on YouTube is showing viral videos to kids and getting their reaction to the video. One of the popular ones is “Kids React to Viral Videos”.  For one of their segments, they showed the eHarmony Cat Lady video to get their reaction. And quite a reaction it is as you can see…

Kids React to eHarmony Cat Lady Video

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KIDS REACT TO eHarmony Video Bio (Crazy Cat Lady)

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Wow – such harsh comments from the kids on what they think of online dating!

Author: Joe Tracy

Joe Tracy is the publisher and founder of Online Dating Magazine, which launched in July 2003 and has been providing original dating advice, tips, articles, reviews, and videos to readers ever since.

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