Breaking the Online Dating Code

Meet Amy Webb, a former online dater who became so frustrated with the online dating process that she decided to try and break the online dating code by posing as a male to analyze her competition in order to have better success. Some of the things she claims to have discovered include:

> Use 3-5 online dating profile pictures.

> Don’t show any pictures of you drinking or of you with someone else (like a best friend), particularly if that someone else could be considered “competition”.

> Be careful not to intimidate others by talking about how good you are at something.

> Keep your profile positive.

Webb has written a book on her experience titled Data, A Love Story. Recently Good Morning America caught up with Amy Webb for an interview…

Breaking the Online Dating Code

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  1. Her tips are exactly what I tell people, but I was skeptical of how she came up with them just by “logging in as a guy.” But then they mentioned the part where she created several different accounts as guys and talked to a lot of women, so now I’m intrigued to hear how those conversations went and what led her to believe that these women’s profiles were more successful than hers. Time to get the book!

    • Great thoughts, Lexi. Another discussion point for what she did is whether or not it was “ethical” to create fake profiles of guys then interact with women as a “guy”. This is against the Terms of Service of virtually all dating sites. But is it OK if you’re doing it for research? I’d love to hear some opinions on this.


      Joe Tracy, Publisher
      Online Dating Magazine

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