See Hot Edna’s Online Dating Video Profile!

Hot Edna's Online Dating Profile

Meet Edna. She is an extremely confident person who knows exactly what she wants in a potential mate. ALSO SEE: New Girl's Schmidt Online Dating Profile Her username is hotedna2014 and she probably won't be on the … [Read more...]

George Takei Talks Online Dating

George Takei Talks About Online Dating

There is a niche online dating service called And while you won't find George Takei on that service, he doesn't shy away from talking about it and several others during a rather entertaining exploration of … [Read more...]

Krissy Poet Rants About Online Dating Usernames

Krissy Poet

Upcoming songwriter, producer, and entertainer Krissy Poet has taken to YouTube to rant about the types of usernames that men select for their online dating profile. These are the sexually suggestive ones, but rather the … [Read more...]

Big Red Mascot Online Dating Video

Big Red - Mascot for Western Kentucky University

Big Red is the official mascot of Western Kentucky University. In 2011, universities were tasked with making entertaining mascot videos as part of the CapitalOne Mascot Challenge contest. Western Kentucky University decided … [Read more...]

Lizette Mizelle’s Online Dating Comedy Routine


Lizette Mizelle is a funny stand-up comedian who is gaining in popularity. She has appeared on several TV shows and has even opened for acts like Dana Carvey. On the plus side, all of her acts are clean, making them "family … [Read more...]

Funny First Date Online Dating Video


When it comes to online dating, one of the most anticipated and stressful aspects is that first meeting. You've been communicating online and now you are about to meet. But you wonder if the person will be anything like … [Read more...]

Amazing Marriage Proposal Video


When we first started watching this video, we didn't expect much. It starts with some guy placing headphones on a woman at the back of an SUV. What follows, however, is one of the best and most creative marriage proposals … [Read more...]

Ventriloquist and Dummy Talk Online Dating


The video below was commissioned by Online Dating Magazine as a short entertaining look at a ventriloquist and dummy discussing online dating. It seems the ventriloquist is thinking about getting into online dating and he … [Read more...]

A Song About Online Dating


This is a rather interesting and humorous online dating song that focuses on things that people lie about in their online dating profiles. Under the video we have published the lyrics to the song. If you're on Pinterest, be … [Read more...]

Kids React to eHarmony Cat Lady Video


On June 3, 2011 a cat invasion began. No, it wasn't millions of cats running free through the streets of New York (that priviledge belongs to rats), but rather a video posted by "Debbie", supposedly a profile video for dating … [Read more...]