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Online Dating Domain Names For Sale

Online Dating Magazine owns more than 50 domain names in the online dating marketplace and is now making a handful of those domains available for purchase for a limited time. These domains are some of the cream of the crop for online real estate in the online dating space. Many of these domain names have been owned for several years by Online Dating Magazine.

The list of online dating domain names below includes the name/url of the domain and the price. They are sorted by price/value. There are not Websites associated with these domains. If you are interested in purchasing any of the domain names then please contact jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com. Once a domain name is purchased, we will transfer it into your ownership. The domain will then removed from the below list.

Domain Name / URL Price Contact
OnlineDatingPlanet.com $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingChristian.com $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingReviews.net $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingPictures.com $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingComparison.com $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingUK.org $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingFree.com $5,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingPrices.com $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingWebsites.org $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingCalifornia.com $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingHawaii.com $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingIndustry.org $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingJapan.com $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingPersonals.org $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingAU.com $4,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingLosAngeles.com $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingMiami.com $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingBrisbane.com $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingQueensland.com $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
TopOnlineDatingSites.org $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingReviews.info $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingBlogs.com $3,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingDirectory.org $2,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com
OnlineDatingMen.com $2,000 jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com


If you don’t see a domain name above that was previously listed, it is because the domain name has been purchased by another company/person or Online Dating Magazine has decided to no longer sell the domain.

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