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Kickstarter Donations Make LoveFail.com Web Series a Reality

September 4, 2013

LoveFail.com, a Web series on online dating, is a go for season one thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought in $5,016 out of a needed $5,000. The Kickstarter success ensures that five more episodes will be produced by the year’s end.

LoveFail.com Synopsis

LoveFail.com follows a Brooklyn-based single 20-something female, Angie, who, reeling from a recent long-term relationship breakup, embarks upon the daunting, humorous, and awkward world of online dating. Each episode features Angie on an increasingly disastrous date.

Before launching the Kickstarter campaign on June 30 of this year, the team first wanted to give donors an idea of what they’d be seeing. So they produced a pilot episode, as follows:

LoveFail ~ A Web Series About Online Dating ~ Pilot Episode

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The series has some fresh and clever writing that keeps it interesting. And, albeit inadvertently, it provides some online dating tips too – “I get it. The first rule of online dating is don’t talk about online dating,” says Angie on her first-ever online date. The series does a good job of capturing some of the awkwardness some people may face on a first date. But it also makes you feel like your dates, even the bad ones, are better than what poor Angie faces.

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The team behind the series includes writer/producer Julia Price Baron, co-producer Steven Phillips-Horst, and director of photography Eric Phillips-Horst. The main character in the series is Angie, who is played by Laura Grey. The other regular cast member is the bartender from the pilot episode, actor Clem McIntosh. In the pilot episode the male date was played by Brian Cichocki.

LoveFail.com is currently undergoing filming of the third and fourth episodes in New York.  The second episode is already complete, but not yet live for viewing. Online Dating Magazine will continue to follow the series and let you know about new episodes.

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