Online Dating Scams Pulled by US Citizens Too


When you hear about romance and online dating scams, the first thing that usually comes to mind is "Nigeria" as that is where most online dating scams originate. But a growing number of these scams are now being hatched by … [Read more...]

60 Minutes Australia – Catching an Online Dating Scammer


Every month, Australians lose $10 million to online dating scammers who live in other countries and create fake profiles to woo them (see our special Romance Scam section). 60 Minutes Australia sought to capture one such … [Read more...]

New Zealand Online Dating Romance Scams


Romance scams are found in every country, although the two biggest for victims seem to be Australia and the United States. This video highlights a romance scam victim from New Zealand who signed up for a New Zealand online … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety and Romance Scams

Romance Scams

Question: What is one of the most successful scams in the world? Answer: Romance scams, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, in profits, to those pulling off the scam. A romance scam depends on online … [Read more...]

eHarmony Safety Warning on Overseas Scams


They start out as what looks to be a great match. A successful business man or business woman that travels a lot and they really think that the two of you are connecting. The picture looks good, the profile looks good, and … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety News Clip

The following video is a collegiate news broadcast that was put together by students at the School of Media and Design at Conestoga College. As part of their work they do regular news broadcasts and, in this case, the focus … [Read more...]

Nigerian Online Dating Scams

Nigerian online dating scams are extremely popular and one of the reasons for that is that many victims fall prey to the increasingly sophisticated scams. There are a lot of myths when it comes to Nigerian online dating … [Read more...]

Zoosk Employee Shares Online Dating Safety Tips

Usually online dating safety tips are shared by an "expert" or "dating coach". Today, however, we have a different perspective for you. Here are some online dating safety tips shared by Jonell, an employee  of the online … [Read more...]