Girl on the Platform – Commercial Spoof


One of's most successful commercials was called "Girl on the Platform". Before we show you the spoof commercial, here is the actual commercial: Original Girl on the Platform Commercial [pbp_pinit … [Read more...]

Funny Social Connect Online Dating Commercial


This is a funny online dating commercial we came across for a Facebook App called Social Connect. What makes the commercial funny is that there are some people that can relate to the online date that is taking place in the … [Read more...]

Funny Speed Dating Commercial


This is a funny speed dating commercial by AT&T that shows what happens when a man tries to use lines with a smart woman who is connected.  We've posted the dialogue below the video. Enjoy! AT&T Speed Date … [Read more...]

Funny Deodorant Online Dating Commercial

Funny Speed Stick Online Dating Commercial

This is a funny TV commercial for Speed Stick Deodorant that uses online dating for its humor. In the commercial a guy arrives at a bar where he is to have his first date with a woman he met online. He's looking at her photo … [Read more...]